5 Best Strategies to Keep Yourself Motivated During Work


There are inevitably some days at the office when you don’t feel like doing any work. No matter how much you love what you do, there may be some days when the work you’re doing just doesn’t inspire you, which can make you feel discouraged and unproductive. Here are some strategies on how to beat the work blues and keep yourself motivated at work.


  1. Break down a big task into bite-sized pieces

Sometimes a task just seems too big to ever get done, and contemplating this massive task might actually make you more discouraged over time. However, breaking down a task into simpler, smaller steps not only allows the bigger task to be completed more easily, it also helps you feel more motivated as you feel like you’re accomplishing the task slowly but surely.


  1. Set deadlines for yourself


Even an arbitrary deadline can make you feel like you need to complete this task by a certain time, which can jumpstart your motivation. You’ll definitely feel even better when the arbitrary deadline allows you to finish work way ahead of schedule!


  1. Take a break


Plugging away at the same task for a long period of time can be very demotivating. Set a time for yourself to take a break from tasks that aren’t seeing progress after some time. This allows you to take a breather from the task and refresh your mind. You may even find that taking a break will allow you to come back more ready to work than before.


  1. Reward yourself


Having something to look forward to after the work is done can motivate us to get started on the work quicker to reach our rewards. Rewards can even be as simple as eating a bar of chocolate once you’ve finished reading through all your emails—it’s all up to you to find what’s especially motivating for yourself to complete your work.


  1. Think about the big picture


Thinking about the bigger picture of why you are doing your job can help you to stay motivated at work by giving concrete reinforcement about the importance of what you do. Additionally, thinking about the bigger picture of how this job is currently important to your career as a whole can also provide motivation for the job at hand.

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